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Providing exceptional customer service since 1989.


Sierra Packaging works with clients across various industries to deliver any type of polyethylene packaging your business may need.


Carton Liners, Tote liners, Cap Covers, USDA FDA Approved Resin, Custom Blends


Drum Liners Antistatic and Non Slip


Pallet Covers – Clear & Printed


Tote Liners, Industrial Grade Garbage Bags


Drum Liners, Gaylord Liners, Ecotote Blend – Leak Proof

Consumer Products

Contractor Bags, Multi-Colored Print Bags, Polypropylene Bags, Stretch Wrap

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At Sierra Packaging, we believe that customer satisfaction is the number one priority. We have been manufacturing customized plastic bags for multiple industries for more than 20 years.

Sierra Packaging knows the importance of trust and customer service and we rely on our excellent reputation in service.